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email me at My Shadowbox store in Norfolk, Va

Shadow boxes

"The Diamond"

Approx 11 inch / less than 3 inches deep


The Three Tier Dog House.

Three tier, comes in Oak, Cherry and Mahogany only. Each section is approx 7 1/4  x 14 or 8 1/4 x 18



14 - Cherry

14 - Cherry

14 - Cherry

14 - Cherry


Octagon Shadowboxes


Our Standard Octagons are approx 24" across outside dimensions


Larger Octagons - 24" by 29"



Crystal Hearts

Available for Mom, Daughter, Mother, Sister.

Approx 14 x 14


The below octagons are approx 14" across




Pentagon Shadow Boxes

The pentagon is also a standard shadow box the we keep in stock.

Our standard size has 15" sides.



Mini Pentagon



Rectangle Shadow Boxes

2 sided desk box, great gift for mom.


Miniature Shadowbox approx 6 x 6 inside.

These have finished corners, no overhangs.

 20 x 30, 25 x 30 and 30 x 30


These are our best sellers:

20w x 22h and 20 w x 24h

 (inside dimensions approx)


These boxes are approximately 2.75 inches deep come in these sizes

16.5 x 24.5, 24.5 x 24.5, 

Flag can be placed in the corner or bottom.

We also carry a 24 x 12 with no flag.



MISC boxes


Doghouse Shadow Boxes

The original military shadow box.  We carry the following in stock:

8" on a 24" base (approx 8x21 inside)

14" on a 26" base (approx 14x23 inside)

18 on a 28 28 (approx 18x 25 inside)

We carry solid Walnut, Oak, Cherry and Mahogany in the dog house

Flag Boxes


Available in Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany and African Rosewood

 for 3x5 up to 5x9

  We also have 3x5 nylon flags for sale for 29.00

20.00 if you purchase a box.

More Shadowboxes