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Badges and Pins

Collar and Hat Devices (Navy)


CPO Gifts



Rank Devices


Contact Info

email me at My Shadowbox store in Norfolk, Va


Rank and special Shadowboxes


Rank and Rate and other miscellaneous boxes

Navy E6-E9

First Class, Chief, Senior Chief and Master Chief.


Navy Mahogany With Coins  PO  Mahogany     E6

CPO CPO MahoganyShadowbox CPO MahoganyShadowbox CPO Natural

Shadowbox SCPO MahoganyShadowbox SCPO NaturalShadowbox MCPO Mahogany


Marine E6-E9

Shadowbox MarineeShadowbox MarineeShadowbox MarineeShadowbox Marinee

Air Force

Shadowbox AFEShadowbox AFEShadowbox AFEShadowbox AFE





Shadowbox Army E5Shadowbox Army E8Shadowbox Army First SgtShadowbox EngineerShadowbox Army AirborneShadowbox MA1A Tank

Admiral, Captain and Commander

also available for corresponding Air Force, Marine and Army


Shadowbox Admiral   Shadowbox Capt Shadowbox Colonel Mahogany Shadowbox CaptShadowbox CDR

Miscellaneous boxes, click on box to enlarge.

Shadowbox Cpol CdrShadowbox Army Shadowbox AD Shadowbox ABShadowbox ldotvboxShadowbox Rectangle Mahogany OakShadowbox TV Coast Guard


  Shadowbox GM  Shadowbox GM Shadowbox BM     Shadowbox SKShadowbox ENShadowbox QMShadowbox YNShadowbox UT

Shadowbox CMShadowbox MMShadowbox NavyShadowbox TV Flags Shadowbox DogShadowbox F14Shadowbox SubmarineShadowbox Carrier

Shadowbox Tri Square Flags Shadowbox Tri Square Flags Shadowbox Triangle FlagsShadowbox Triangle Flags  Shadowbox Triangle Flags



Badge and Fireman

 Shadowbox Badge   Shadowbox Badge   Shadowbox BadgeShadowbox Fireman


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