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email me at My Shadowbox store in Norfolk, Va


***MINIMUM ORDER $20.00***

CPO Retirement

CPO retirement coin 

Retirement Coin

First Class Petty Officer.  

Officer Retirement Coin

Naval Officer Retirement Coin

Retirement Coins are $7.00 ea, $10.00 with engraved back, 20 or more $9.00 each with engraving, 40 or more $8.00 each with engraving

The front states: I Stand Relieved, You have the Watch, Fair Winds and Following Seas. for Officer and Chief Retirement Coins

and I Stand Relieved, You have the Watch.  First Class Petty Officer, Where Leadership begins for the E6 Coins.

The Back is engraved for each individual.


Chiefs Coin

CPO Coin $8.00

First Class

First Class Coin $8.00

Second Class

Second Class Coin $8.00

Third Class

Third Class Coin $8.00

Coast Guard Crest Coin Holder

Coast Guard Anchors


Ranger Coin Holder

Army Ranger


AB Coin Holder

Aviation Boatswain's Mate

Trident Coin Holder