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email me at My Shadowbox store in Norfolk, Va



If you would like to purchase shadow boxes or other CPO gifts and items for military members in your family, we are sure to have a product that meets your needs. Please contact us to place an order for a shadowbox or any of our other products.

This page of our website is dedicated to showcasing CPO gifts and items for people who are current military members or former military members. We offer a wide array of goods, including hats, CPO mirrors, CPO cutlasses, and CPO bells, among other things. You are sure to find the perfect gift for you or your loved one. We also specialize in creating shadow boxes that are ideal for displaying military memorabilia. Contact us directly at (757) 588-2555 if you are interested in placing an order for a shadowbox. We can also answer questions about any of the other CPO gifts and items in our online shop.



Hat Display



Cutlass/Sword Holder.  Will hold all military swords.



6 sided engraved crystal

$65.00 (3 inch) (includes engraving)

$85.00 (4 inch) (includes engraving


MCPO 1% Club Hats $20.00 



Chief, Senior Chief and Master Chief Trailer Hitch Covers

Note: These are brass faced and painted, Paint may fade and or chip.

$70.00 EA




Desk Sets, Includes Pen, Statue and 4" brass anchor 



Coast Guard $90.00(no chief statue included)





MCPO/SCPO and CPO skull and flag plaque $45.00 (9x12)

CPO Creed laser engraved on a plaque with your name anchors.  A great retirement gift.


or with three 4" solid brass anchors on a 12 x 15 plaque $145.00




5 and 7 inch solid brass bells

$125.00 and $225.00

small bell on plaque add $45(9x12)

large bell on Alder plaque add $65.00 (12X15)

large bell on Mahogany plaque add $75.00

7" on mahogany plaque

7" on alder plaque

7" on alder plaque


5" and 5" on alder plaque



4" Female or Male


$95.00 on Pedestal

8"  Male or Female Chief


15" Chief - $290.00 (Male Only)



Solid Brass USN CPO Anchors

3" - $15.00

4" - $16.00

9" - $75.00

3" - $16.00

4" - $17.00

9" - $78.00

3" - $17.00

4" - $18.00

9"- $80.00


Solid Brass USCG CPO Anchors

4" - $18.00

9" - $81.00 

4"- $19.00

9" - $84.00

4" - $20.00

9" - $86.00



Solid Brass Command Badges - $45.00


CPO Retirement Coin

on the front it states " I stand relieved, you have the watch - Fair Winds and Following Seas"

The back can be engraved with you rate, name, rating and years of service.

and Deckplate Leadership Coin.  Back is also blank and can be engraved with your name, etc.



Chief, Senior Chief and Master Chief Cut Out Coin